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How does a Floral Design Concept come together?

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Designing a FLORAL CONCEPT for your wedding floral design is a process.

I get dozens of emails every week with couples requesting a quote. Usually, there are images attached and the excited 'soon to be married' couple ask me for pricing on each image.

But, often the arrangements and ideas in the images are not cohesive as a design concept.

sydney wedding floral design quote
A typical email requesting a wedding floral design quote

It's ok to enquire about pricing of course. We all do it.

But deciding on a design based on the prices of a series of collected images being combined in a haphazard way, is not going to end up looking as good as if you let a designer DESIGN from the ground up for you.

Whether you have $4K or $400K to spend on flowers - the floral design is an integral part of the guest experience.

I've seen plenty of weddings where the flowers or vases are so huge that guests can't see each other across the tables.... is this a good guest experience?? Is this good design??

sydney wedding flowers
Incredible floristry - but what about the design thinking??

So, I'm going to share with you how I design.

There are 4 key components I consider when I sit down to design a wedding floral concept for my clients. They are:

1. The Couple - their personalities and unique qualities.

What is special and unique about my clients - this couple?

I like to get to know my clients so that the design proposal is a reflection of them.

Are they understated, flamboyant, conservative, boho, traditional, sophisticated, free-spirits?

How will my design embody the character and personalities of these two people?

When they look back on their wedding day photos in the years to follow, will they realise that everything that I designed for them was perfect for them and reflected the people that they were in that moment in time?

2. The Venue and Floorplan

What can I design that represents THIS COUPLE and that will suit THEIR VENUE? What features and focal points can I design that will create maximum visual impact?

3. The Budget

The budget is going to dictate the SCOPE of the design.

Some clients will have a budget that allows me to design custom fabrics or do massive hanging installations on custom built rigging - and others will be more restricted by their budget.

Either way, it's up to me to design a concept that will deliver the BEST IMPACT for the budget I have to work with.

4. The Guest Experience

Floral design creates the ATMOSPHERE and the FEELING in the room.

When you walk into the venue space and all the floral components are designed to work together with the floorplan, the lighting, and the other styling details and furnishings, your guests will pick up on the MOOD that you want to create on your big day.

Table florals should allow for guests to happily interact and not get in the way of the food, candles, wine bottles and glassware. All these details need to be considered to ensure an amazing guest experience!

If you love flowers, use fragrance and texture, keep the flowers low and accessible - to draw the guests into the florals and they will glow from the magic of the flowers. That powerfully positive energy is then transferred into the room.

Getting a quote vs. getting an estimate

A detailed quote and design will take a lot of time and tweaking to get done properly.

This is why many busy and popular designers are now charging a fee for their quoting time.

There a plenty of florists who have packages - these are set prices and there's not a lot of room for personalisation other than colour palette changes.

If you would like to get an idea of the budget for a fully customised floral design you can apply for a complimentary instant estimate here. You will receive an email straight away with a suggested budget. We are finding this is a fabulous time saving option for busy couples who are looking for a wedding floral design quote.

As a rule, the floral and styling is around 10% of your overall wedding budget.

In summary.....

Sending a mish-mash collection of images and asking a designer for a quote, is not a great way to approach your wedding floral design.

It is however, a good way for a designer to see the type of aesthetic that appeals to you.

So, a good designer will look at the images to understand the type of feel you are after, and then build that out into a fully workable design that suits your floorplan, venue and budget.

If you would like a moodboard and design quote from me, please click here to apply or call our office on 02 - 9387 3299.

Happy planning!

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Dragonfly Floral Design
Dragonfly Floral Design

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