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The Process of Designing and Quoting

I thought it might be interesting to share some information about how I work with my clients to nail their styling and budget.

I get so many clients asking me "what should my budget be for flowers?" or "I've never done this before - I don't have any idea of what to do or where to start..."

So, here's how we get the ball rolling.

The first thing I do, is have a conversation or meeting with a client and really get to understand their personality, style, and the atmosphere they want to create at their event.

Is it a casual relaxed affair? A stylish and posh party? An elegant chic and sophisticated gathering? What type of meals/catering/music/lighting/venue? Are we at the beach or a hotel, or maybe a warehouse?

I offer complimentary phone calls and video chats, and clients can book these into my diary at a time to suit.

In all the years I've been designing weddings, I don't think I've EVER felt that I could do a one-size-fits-all wedding design.

One design, one price. Goodbye... thank you. Repeat. Not for me.

To me, every couple is so different, every venue unique.

Although I've designed many weddings in the same venues - such as the stunning Sydney venue Sergeants Mess , each wedding at this venue has been very unique to the couples taste, personalities, and personal style - and the atmosphere they want to create at their wedding.

Here are two TOTALLY different looking set ups, in the same venue - for two very different couples, different style, different budgets.

Sergeants Mess Wedding
Jess and Matthews Wedding at Sergeants Mess
Sergeants Mess Wedding
Dana and Jono's Wedding at Sergeants Mess

The back-end of the process of Designing and Quoting

Once we've met and discussed your wedding vision, it's up to me to design the flowers and styling for you.

The floorplan is going to dictate the floral design.

Most couples do not appreciate that the floorplan and the flowers are intertwined to create the guest experience and atmosphere. Many couples send me a list of floral arrangements that they think they 'should have' - without a considered approach to the overall design and floorplan.

The same expense and flowers can be a total ho-hum or a totally breathtaking WOW depending on the floorplan and floral design.

If you are using the venue furniture, then usually the venue will give you options for floorplans which are quite standard. Tables on each side of the dance floor, head table, end of story.... nothing new.

We often work with our couples to come up with unique and creative floorplans - still using the venue furniture, but creating a space with a different energy, and designing towards a breathtaking guest experience for the duration of your event.

The placement of the tables, lounges, dancefloor - and the sizes and combinations of tables and seating options will dictate the floral design - and of course we always think of the flowers when we work with our couples.

Have a look at these two different floorplans - FOR THE SAME VENUE.

The first option is pretty standard.

The floorplan allows for hanging installations above the dance floor and alternating centerpieces on the round tables (or all the same style of centerpiece - but we prefer to add interest by alternating the style of centerpieces).

The second option creates a very different GUEST EXPERIENCE and impactful floral design by bringing all the guests closer to each other and not cutting the room in half with a dance floor... also, with the combination of table shapes (round and long) and having the tables all in the same part of the room, the flowers will be hugely impactful - especially allowing for a focal LINE along the middle oblong tables. This will make the photographs also much more WOW, and the lighting design will be better - as the dance floor can be darkened, and the lighting on the tables can be more concentrated so that the flowers really stand out.

After the floorplan....

Once we have a floorplan, then I can plan out the floral design. I look at scale, colour, focal points, lighting, your style vibe, and of course budget.

A quote requires a lot of CONSIDERED and CUSTOMISED detail and includes images and written descriptions. There are many calculations that need to be worked on to get a wedding floral design quote done properly. In the industry, we have floral recipes, to calculate the exact number of stems per vase / arrangement / installation / bouquet / high arrangement / low arrangement etc.

Every stem has a dollar value. In addition, there is also labour, materials, vessels hire or purchase, floral preparation and handling, transport, refrigeration, insurance, cleaning, garbage disposal, packaging, administration. All of these costs need to be carefully calculated so that your wedding floral design quote is comprehensive and you don't get additional charges later on.

For this reason, we have a nominal fee to do a moodboard and quote of $75, which covers us for the time and effort it takes to produce a comprehensive quote for our clients. The fee will be put towards the florals for your wedding if you proceed with a booking with Dragonfly Floral Design. You can book a moodboard and quote here.

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Mar 21, 2022

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Dragonfly Floral Design
Dragonfly Floral Design
Mar 24, 2022
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Thanks for letting us know. We are always on the lookout for gorgeous venues for our clients. If you'd like to send us more details, please contact

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