Debbi Weiss Dragonfly Floral Design

I'm Debbi Weiss - owner and creative hands and heart behind Dragonfly Floral Design.  


I have a wonderful team who work together with me to produce the dozens of beautiful and unique florals for our special client events every year.  


Each client has their own vision (or sometimes not!), and we work together to bring all their dreams into being.  


It's an honor for me to be part of these life events - weddings, christenings, birthdays, bar/batmitzvahs and to style and decorate with our signature artistic and wild organic look.  

Dragonfly Floral Design is a busy and popular floral studio in the heart of Sydney's Eastern Suburbs.

We deliver everything from gift bouquets to complete wedding and event floral design & styling. 

We are delighted to be included in the top 23 floral designers for Sydney deliveries!


Frequently asked questions

Does Dragonfly Floral Design have budget packages?

Yes! A budget package is suitable for you if you don't want bespoke design. We can keep the pricing down by using less labour, best value seasonal flowers, and less logistics for delivery and installation. You can see BUDGET PACKAGE PRICING here.

What services are available at DFD?

Floral Design, Mini Planner, Full Event Planning and Co-ordination, On-the-day Co-ordination, Workshops, prop hire for DIY clients. Please email the office on hello@dragonflyfloraldesign.com.au if you'd like more information.

What is the difference between Floristry, Floral Design, Styling, and Planning?

Floristry - the techniques and skills you learn to become a florist/floral designer. However, these skills don't necessarily mean you are artistic or creative. Many florists have technical skills, but lack imagination and creativity, and are often bound by "rules" they've been taught. They can make arrangements, but lack big picture design skills. Floral Design - is the art of designing with flowers. Many floral designers have no formal training in floristry - however, they have an innate creative flair for designing with flowers. Flowers are their medium, just as paint is the medium for artists, and clay for potters. One of the main skills of a floral designer is knowing how to create impact within a SPACE. Styling - is working with props and vessels, to add flair to the floral design. Props can be anything from textiles, lighting, furniture, balloons, table details etc. to create a cohesive look for event spaces. Planning - organising the overall concept design and bringing every element and detail in sync by creating a comprehensive checklist and runsheet for the hundreds of moving parts that come together to create an event.

How 'flexible' is a quote?

There is always room to move up or down in any quote, from any designer. By substituting types of flowers, or the size of arrangements, we can adjust the pricing. Usually, there's room to move around 15% of your quote - to get to a comfortable place for your design vision without compromising the design too much. With labour, there are fixed costs that are harder to adjust unless the scope of the design is drastically changed requiring less (or more) staff.

How is a quote calculated?

Every stem has a cost value. And then there's labour and other costs to calculate. If your event has 15 tables, and each table has 50 stems of flowers (of various values) in an arrangement, and let's say each stem is $3 - then per table the cost of the flowers alone is $150. Then there's vase hire (handling and cleaning), preparation labour before the event, preparation labour on the day of the event, transport and delivery costs, administration costs, insurance, bump out costs. These are calcuated per event, but usually add around 30% to the cost of the florals. Styling is then another category of pricing. Each item has a hire / sourcing fee and damage waiver. And labour for set up / bump out.

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