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  venues & Planners  

We get around!  Our clients choose beautiful venues all over Sydney, Southern Highlands, and up to Hunter Valley.

We've also worked in dozens of private homes all around Sydney for events and parties.

Scroll below to discover some of the venues we've flowered up!  If your venue is not listed, we can organise a site visit once we are retained (deposit paid), and come up with a beautiful design to suit your space.

Do you need an Event Planner?

Retaining the services of an Event Planner to pull together all the aspects of your event will make a huge difference to you.  Yes, a professional experienced planner will have a fee - anything from $4000+ - however, their experience going to save you a lot of stress, time, AND money!   

Would you attempt to design a house yourself - or would you get an interior designer/architect?  You may be able to organise things to a certain degree, but in the hands of a professional, the result and experience is extremely different!

We've also worked with many of Sydney's premier Event Planners and we know how confusing it can be to choose someone - so we are happy to recommend a Planner for you once we've met you and understand your needs.   Planners have different offerings, so it's important you choose a Planner who 'fits' with your vision, and clicks with your personality.

Here's a look at some of the planners we've worked with across many events. 

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