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Moodboard and Quote

I'm guessing that you've seen Dragonfly Floral Design on social media, or been referred to me by a previous client.... it will be an honor to help you with your design. A moodboard and quote fee is non refundable and covers us for work we undertake to design your wedding florals and styling, and to provide you with a moodboard and quote.


The $75+gst fee will be used towards your overall budget once your design is finalised - so it's actually not an extra expense for you. The fee allows for us to allocate time and resources to source, design, quote, site visit, consultations, liaise with venue and others. The fee covers us for all of this investment of time and helps me distinguish genuine clients from others.


Included is up to one-hour consultation over the phone/video/or at your venue (within 10km of Dragonfly Floral Design). 


A moodboard and quote fee DOES NOT GUARANTEE OUR AVAILABILITY for your wedding date. You will receive a moodboard and quote within 10 days of payment, and you will have 2 weeks to consider and confirm if you intend to book Dragonfly Floral Design. The details can always be modified and adjusted if there are things that need tweaking.


The serious bit:

It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to follow up and book your date or to request changes or modifications. We will put a tentative hold on your date for 2 weeks after sending out your quote. If we do not have a confirmation within 2 weeks after sending your moodboard and quote, we can not hold the date for you and will not issue any refund if your date is no longer available due to a non-response on your behalf. If you would rather go straight to BOOKING YOUR WEDDING DATE into our calendar please click here for this option. Please confirm our availability before taking this option by calling 9387 3299


On average, our weddings will be between $3k - $6k incl labour and set up / bump out for a standard design, and $6k+ for something more elaborate. If you need a quick estimate before you book with me, please call the office on 9387 3299.

Moodboard and Quote

  • Terms and Conditions of a Moodboard and Quote

    1. Moodboard and quote fee entitles the client to expect a moodboard, quote, design concepts and ideas within 10 days (unless otherwise advised).  

    2. Fee is non-refundable unless:

    • your date becomes unavailable or
    • you don't receive concepts and quote within 10 days from Dragonfly Floral Design and were given no prior information regarding delay.

    3. Fee is non-refundable once client has received all quotes and designs from DFD as we have already done a significant amount of work to deliver such information.

    4. Payment of the fee does NOT guarantee our availability.   

    5. It is the clients responsibility to confirm their intention to book Dragonfly Floral Design within 2 weeks of receiving their moodboard and quote. 

    6. The $75 fee is considered part of your overall deposit once the design is costed and quoted.  So, in effect, it is not an out of pocket extra expense UNLESS you cancel, change of mind, do not proceed, make other plans and thereby forfeit this retainer fee.

  • Benefits of a Detailed Moodboard and Quote

    1. Good way to compare pricing and options if you are shopping around at different designers.
    2. See how responsive and 'available' your designer is going to be for you.  This is important to help you make a decision - we believe that responsiveness is a key part of providing great service.
    3. A moodboard will help you plan other elements of your wedding design and theming and styling.
    4. Our quotes will always include your wishlist - but OFTEN what you think you WANT or HAVE TO HAVE, and what will WORK (at the venue) are very different things. 
    5. As a designer, I know what will WORK BEST for your budget and your venue - within the style that you are after, and I will include these options in a quote and moodboard so that you can mix and match from your ideas and inspirations, and my recommendations.
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