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dragonfly floral design sydney wedding florist

Congratulations on your upcoming Wedding and this exciting time! I'm guessing that you've seen Dragonfly Floral Design on social media, or been referred to me by a previous client.... thank you for deciding to book with me.


It will be an honor to help you with your design. A booking retainer is non refundable and covers us for work we undertake to design your wedding and will ensure we are available and locked in for your date .


The retainer will be used towards your overall budget once your design is finalised - so it's actually not an extra expense for you. Please make sure we are available for your date by calling Debbi on 0416 111 430 BEFORE you pay this retainer fee.


We will book you into our calendar and allocate time and resources to source, design, quote, site visit, consultations, liaise with venue and others. The retainer covers me for all of this investment of time and helps me distinguish genuine clients from others.


On average, our weddings will start around $3k - $6k incl labour and set up / bump out for a standard design, and $6k+ for something more elaborate. If you need a quick estimate before you book with me, please call the office on 9387 3299.


10% GST is added at checkout.


  • Terms and Conditions of a Booking Retainer

    1. Booking retainer entitles the client to expect a moodboard, quote, design concepts and ideas within 10 days (unless otherwise advised).  

    2. Booking Retainer is non-refundable unless:

    • your date is unavailable or
    • you don't receive concepts and quote within 10 days from Dragonfly Floral Design and were given no prior information regarding delay.

    3. Booking retainer is non-refundable once client has received all quotes and designs from DFD as we have already done a significant amount of work to deliver such information.

    4. Booking retainer means your date is booked and we will turn away other bookings for same date. 

    5. Booking retainer is considered part of your overall deposit once the design is costed and quoted.  So, in effect, it is not an out of pocket extra expense UNLESS you cancel, change of mind, do not proceed, make other plans and thereby forfeit this retainer fee.

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