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 instant estimate

Receive your instant estimate by scrolling through the FOUR options below (Deluxe, Premium, Classic or Budget) & decide which one is the best fit for your vision.


Once you have read the descriptions, choose ONE option that best describes your vision.


You will then receive your estimate in your inbox.

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For couples who want the flowers to be the big WOW focus at their wedding - and who love LOADS of flowers in abundance - and can afford to indulge their lust for amazing florals.    The ceremony and reception will be impeccably and thoughtfully decked out with the best flowers available and everywhere you turn you'll be surrounded with flowers! 

A Deluxe wedding budget can cover all personal blooms hanging and suspended flowers, large table florals, large ceremony florals/features/arch - but will depend on your specific design.  For more info, click here.


Included:  deliveries to all venues, set up (subject to final order) and bump out.

Premium Wedding.jpg


simply beautiful

Our most popular choice - it’s for couples who are being careful with their budget but who will be happy with letting us work our magic with the best of the season flowers and foliages with a focus on colours/moodboard - rather than on the types of flowers.  (This way, we can source the best value flowers to fit into the budget - rather than designing with specific flowers).

A Classic budget is enough to cover all personal flowers, simple arch or ceremony flowers, small mixed low table flowers in different combinations/vessels.  The final quote will depend on your specific design requirements.  For more info, click here.

Included: delivery to 2 venues within 10km of each other,  set up (subject to final order), bump out.



restrained beauty

You want amazing design, you want top quality flowers,  but you want a restrained elegance that can be achieved with careful design rather than overwhelming amounts of flowers.  The Premium wedding will be the best fit for you.

A Premium wedding budget estimate can cover a choice of hanging installations at your venue OR large features at your ceremony venue.  It can also include a variety of table arrangements (high and low) for your reception.  The final quote will depend on your specific design.  For more info, click here.

Included:  deliveries to all venues, set up (subject to final order), bump out.  

Budget Wedding.jpg


basic but still lovely

Beautiful flowers, beautiful design - but low on labour and delivery…. we’ve just cut out a lot of the labour costs - so the flowers are still just as beautiful, but everything is made in disposable or take-home vases, and it’s a one stop delivery for us rather than multiple venues/multiple set ups and pack ups.

A Budget wedding budget can cover personal flowers, and reception flowers only.  All the guest tables have the same arrangements.  Flowers are based on your colour palette and best seasonal availability and arranged in our signature garden style.  Final quote will depend on your specific requirements.

For more info, click here.

Included:  Delivery to one venue.  Set up only.  Bump out not included.

 Your estimate will be calculated on your number of guests and the DESCRIPTION that you have chosen.

An estimate will give you an approximate idea of the budget you should set aside to achieve the floral design to suit your vision.  Budgets can go up or down depending on your final specific design requirements.

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