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Here is some information you may like to read to understand what goes into floral pricing for your event/wedding.



QUALITY OF FLOWERS will be a big factor in the cost.  Imports and exotics are very expensive - up to 3 times the cost of local seasonal blooms.   Typical wedding blooms such as peonies, roses, hydrangeas, Phalaenopsis orchids, ranunculus - have high end price tags.  


LABOUR -  Labour is calculated for the PREPARATION of all the flowers BEFORE the wedding, and then we have ON-THE-DAY labour for the set up time.  A typical wedding requires about 130 person-hours of labour (including design and quoting/site visits/meetings etc. regardless of the types of flowers that are chosen in the design.


ITEMS IN YOUR DESIGN - your list of floral items will be important in determining your budget because with every item, there are different logistics, flowers, labour, set up, delivery issues etc.   It's impossible to have a one-price-fits-all

approach unfortunately.  Every wedding has a different list of items and quantities of each items.


RECIPES - flower recipes list all the ingredients for each item (eg. bouquets/ arch / centerpieces).  Every ingredient has a cost attached.  So if you want more expensive ingredients - peonies, orchids, DA roses, then the cost of the recipe will be more.    If you are not too fussed about specific ingredients, then we can get more value for money for you, by going with best value of the season.


QUANTITY OF FLOWERS is obviously going to be a huge factor in your overall budget.  When we work out a detailed quote, we actually have to cost EVERY stem.  So if you need 2000 roses for your design as opposed to 200 - you'll be 10 times more expensive!  Simple.


ON THE DAY - the wedding day set up can take anywhere from 5 hours to 18 hours.  Sometimes two days of set up on site are required.  Most often with teams of staff at different venues.  If 5 people work for 8 hours at a set up, that's 40 hours of labour that need to be in the budget.  

Labour for the set up is usually calculated once we know exactly what your final order will be.


LOGISTICS - deliveries, garbage, pack up and cleaning, all need to be factored into the budget - as well as extra things like custom structures, rigging(for hanging installations), damage waivers and a whole lot of expenses associated with logistics.   To avoid these expenses, you will need a design that doesn't require massive logistics.


PERCENTAGES - if we are given a total budget limit, then we can allocate funds according to percentages and work out a design accordingly.  Typically, the percentages are 10% allocated to personals and smalls,  20% for ceremony, 50% for reception tables and features, 20% for set up and bump out and on the day labour.  

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