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The Seven biggest traps that can get in the way of planning your perfect event.

Planning an event can be a thrilling yet challenging experience, and when it comes to event flowers and styling, there are several traps that can turn your floral dreams into a logistical nightmare. To ensure your event's flowers and styling and decor is as beautiful as you envision, we'll explore seven common pitfalls to avoid.

From labor costs to mismatched themes, let's delve into each one to help you create a memorable and harmonious event.

1. Hidden Labor Costs

One of the first traps to watch out for is hidden labor costs. Some designers do not include the labour costs in their quotes - so that it appears their quote is more reasonable than others. ALWAYS check that the quote you get, INCLUDES an itemisation of the labour costs so that you don't get a rude shock after signing up with someone and paying a non-refundable deposit. Labour can actually cost more than the actual flowers, as staff is being paid weekend rates, and the logistics behind flowers and styling can take a huge number of hours.

2. Lack of Service

Choosing a stylist/florist is not just about selecting a vendor; it's about finding a partner who understands your vision and can provide you with a HIGH LEVEL OF SERVICE. Falling into the trap of selecting a sylist/florist based solely on price is not necessarily the wisest decision. From the very first interaction with a stylist/florist, you should be thinking about:

  1. How responsive is this professional?

  2. Is this professional willing to listen to your ideas, offer suggestions?

  3. Does this professional communicate well and reply and respond to calls and emails?

  4. What signals are you getting that will show you that this professional will provide exceptional service throughout the planning process?

A lack of service can mean you will have a very stressful and difficult time getting answers, or information that you need to make your planning process run smoothly.

3. Lack of Experience

Inexperience can be a major setback when it comes to event flowers. Novice florists may offer you a "hard-to-believe-super-cheap-quote-just-to-get-the-job" but then struggle to handle the inevitable unexpected challenges that occur in EVERY event set up. Always inquire about a florist's experience, check their portfolio, and seek referrals to ensure they have the expertise needed to bring your floral vision to life. When you need a medical specialist, you would always want someone with a good track record and the highest level of experience - so why would you view your wedding floral designer or stylist in a different way? It may not be a life or death decision, but you want to have the confidence that your big day is going to go off with all the boxes ticked just as you want them. You don't get to do a rehearsal....

4. Mismatch with Stylist or Designer

This is a huge trap that you definitely want to avoid! Your event's floral design should seamlessly blend with the overall theme and decor. Falling into the trap of not coordinating with your event stylist or designer can result in a disjointed look. Collaborate closely with all your creative partners to ensure the floral arrangements complement the entire aesthetic.

5. Styling in a Theme that Doesn't Match Your Personality

Ah yes.... this trap is a sad one. It's what I call "getting hijacked" by a florsit/stylist who kind of pushes you in a direction that suits THEM - and not YOU. Also, sometimes, individuals are swayed by trendy themes that don't align with their personal style. It's essential to choose a designer who can identify a styling/floral theme that resonates with you and the event's purpose. Avoid the trap of selecting a theme or a designer solely because they're popular; instead, focus on one that reflects your personality and the message you want to convey.

6. Creating a Look that Doesn't Match the Venue

Another common trap is creating floral arrangements that don't harmonize with the venue's atmosphere. Whether it's an elegant ballroom or a rustic barn, your flowers should enhance the venue's character. Work closely with your florist to select blooms and designs that seamlessly blend with the location's ambiance.

7. Choosing a Designer Based on Social Media Followers

In the age of social media, it's easy to be lured by designers with a substantial following. However, falling into the trap of selecting a designer solely based on their social media followers rather than REVIEWS and REPUTATION can be risky. Ensure you research thoroughly, read reviews, and assess their overall reputation to make an informed choice that aligns with your vision. Choose a designer based on how they make you feel - not based on how many followers they have.


Planning event flowers can be a delightful process when done right, but it's crucial to steer clear of these seven common traps. By allocating a suitable budget for labor, seeking experienced professionals, collaborating with stylists, staying true to your personality, harmonizing your floral design with the venue, and making informed choices about your designer, you'll ensure that your event's flowers are a highlight rather than a headache. With careful planning and attention to detail, your event will bloom into a stunning success.

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