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How Much do Wedding Florals Cost?

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

It's the question I get asked ALL the time! I wish there was a simple answer!

The easiest way to explain how your wedding florals will be costed is as follows:

20% of your budget will cover cost of flowers for ceremony, 50% of your floral budget will cover cost of flowers for reception, 20% of your floral budget will cover wages/labour, 5% will cover materials (basic vase hire/ribbons/general floral materials) and 5% for logistics.

Of course, every design studio will have their own formulas for costings.

You can run around going crazy trying to get quotes and designs from various studios - but from what I've heard, many couples find this very tedious and time consuming - often causing more stress than results.

Often couples are trying too hard to squeeze a gigantic dream into a piggy bank.... and it's just not possible. Getting 35 quotes will not make it more possible.

This is why I've developed a tool to help couples get an ESTIMATE for their florals.

"The Instant Estimate Tool is proving to be a fantastic way for couples to get a better idea of a realistic floral budget that they can then bring to the table when discussing their wedding design with professional designers".

You just need to know the LOOK you are going for - it's very easy!

To simplify what we offer at DFD, I've come up with four descriptions:

DELUXE - is lavish and grand / flowers everywhere / hanging installations / you just adore flowers and this is your wedding day and you're not gonna skimp!!

PREMIUM - quality and design are super important to you and you want your guests to feel the beauty that flowers bring to every space. Top quality blooms like orchids and peonies, hydrangeas, garden roses and all the romantic favourites in abundance.

CLASSIC - this is where Value is just as important to you as quality and design - so we can create something special using seasonal best value in your colour palette. With this budget, hanging installations and larger pieces will not likely be possible.

BUDGET - for people who want something pretty but not fussed about variety of flowers or large showy pieces. You know you want/need flowers, but you're happy to keep it basic.

It doesn't matter what your styling aesthetic is - boho, rustic, luxury, glitzy, modern, hamptons, colourful, coastal, natural, - you can achieve a look to SUIT YOUR STYLE within any of the budget levels listed above.

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